Chicago Area Dealerships Have Plenty of Terrific Sales People

Chicago’s a big place. There are close to 10 million people living in the greater Chicago area – it’s the third largest population center in the entire country.
You might be wondering why Chicago’s population is important when all you want to do is buy or lease a new or used car.

Well, it’s because some of those 10 million people are terrific at sales. Quite a few of them, in fact – it just stands to reason that out of the 10 million people, thousands (if not more) would be friendly, helpful and understanding sales people.

Many of these terrific sales people are currently hard at work at a Chicago area dealership as a member of the sales team.
That’s a good thing, because the automotive salesperson you deal with can make or break your entire experience. That salesperson can mean the difference between driving away happy, in a new vehicle, or getting back into your old car and driving away dismayed.

Chicago area dealerships know this, of course. That’s why they select their sales team members so carefully. They want their customers to have a great experience, so they go out of their way to hire automotive salespeople that will deliver exactly that.

What is it about a car shopper’s experience that makes it a positive one? The answer is probably slightly different for every person who visits a Chicago area dealership, but here are some factors to consider:

Many car shoppers appreciate being greeted with a friendly smile and hello as they arrive. Most also appreciate it if the automotive salesperson asks how they can help or inquires about the type of vehicle they’re looking for. No one likes to be ignored.

Things diverge a little from there. Some car shoppers prefer to be left more or less on their own, to browse through the dealer’s vehicles by themselves and at their own pace. They like it if the automotive salesperson is easy to find if they have a question or want to take a test drive, but they don’t want anyone hovering over their shoulder.

Other car shoppers like to have their salesperson’s constant, undivided attention. For the majority of car shoppers, a great automotive salesperson probably falls somewhere in between the two extremes.

An automotive salesperson that is well-educated about the vehicles he or she is selling is important to shoppers who happen to be car buffs (or fancy themselves to be). It doesn’t look good when you ask your salesperson how much horsepower the engine has and the answer is a blank look. You’d be surprised by how often that happens.

If you’re like most car shoppers, you want an automotive salesperson who’s friendly and helpful without being a “pest,” who’s able to make suggestions if you don’t have a clue about where to start, who’s willing to take as much time with you as you need to decide which vehicle is right, and who is knowledgeable about the vehicles and the sales process.
Fortunately, several Chicago area dealerships have a sales team which fits this description. You’ll find one of the area’s best sales teams at World Hyundai, located at the Matteson Auto Mall.

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Facebook for Automotive Salespeople

Automotive salespeople using social media to build an online presence and communicate with potential customers is a growing trend in the rapidly changing field of internet sales and marketing for automotive sales professionals. Facebook is the most prominent social media platform today. To get started on Facebook, the first thing you do is create a Facebook page for your dealership. The salespeople at your dealership probably all have personal Facebook pages already, but make sure they do soon if they don’t already.

Create Facebook Pages

These personal pages can cross-link with the dealership page, with your website and various other online presences. Individual automotive salespeople can use their personal pages and the dealership page to stay in touch with existing customers and to communicate in various ways with both prospective customers and people who are in the process of becoming customers. Customers of all types who are engaging with your Facebook pages will spread word of your dealership both on purpose and unintentionally with Facebook Likes and with the Facebook News Feed. Facebook activity is also a source of word of mouth advertising.

How to Use Your Facebook Pages

Your dealership page is a good place to post business information like your location and hours, a brief description of your dealership with links to more and also your business contact information. The layout of this page is partially customizable. You can post regular updates here via text, links, photos and videos. More use of Facebook means more customer engagement and more attention for your dealership. Customers will often actively share content that they appreciate. People you are connected with on Facebook are also a potential pool for exclusive offers. Facebook provides a platform for engaging your customers publicly, which shows off your customer service and allows you to simultaneously engage multiple customers.

Other Uses of Facebook

Soliciting customer feedback directly is a common and acceptable practice on Facebook, and this is also done indirectly by reading customer comments that are not directly solicited. Private communications with customers are also available via email and instant messaging services hosted by Facebook. You can direct customers to your Facebook page with Facebook integration options on your website, blog and other social media. You can also mention your Facebook presence in other media such as business cards, traditional signs and email.

Using Facebook to Get to Know Your Customers Better

Customers tend to post a lot of personal information on Facebook, and reading this is a way to get to know them better. Customers can also get to know your dealership and individual automotive salespeople better via Facebook: you can use it to humanize your business. You can take a look at how customers are interacting with your Facebook presence and make changes as time passes both in a qualitative sense by reading comments and in a quantitative sense by using metrics. With metrics you can learn such information as which of your posts are most popular, how engaging they are to customers, when customers most often visit your Facebook page and who your visitors are.

Advertising with Facebook

Up until this point, all of this is free. You can also pay some money to advertise on Facebook by creating ads and launching sponsored stories. You can pay as much as you want, since pricing is flexible, so this helps you experiment without investing a lot of money upfront in an advertising campaign. These advertising functions are customizable and can be heavily experimented with to find out what works best for you. Facebook advertising can be tailored based on customer location, interests, friends, connections, education, work, language, age, birthday, gender, relationship status and various other criteria. You can review the performance of your ad campaigns and edit them as needed as they are running.

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Using the Internet in Automotive Sales

Nowadays there are a lot of automotive salespeople selling on the internet to take advantage of the new communication opportunities the internet provides. If you’re an automotive salesperson yourself, you’ve practiced how to sell in-person but not necessarily in a written format. Don’t worry: you don’t have to switch over fully to sales via written communication on the internet. Sure, you’ll be writing emails, blog posts and social media snippets online, but most of your customers will still want in-person or video communication in addition to that.

Using Video

The internet allows for this: shoot a video of yourself with a digital video camera or a high-quality webcam that records your introductory sales pitch. You can customize this as much as you think is necessary, post it on Youtube and link to it in your emails to prospective customers, on your blog and on your social media profiles. Linking is also good for improving your search engine optimization, or SEO. A good introductory video is short, friendly and informative. It should also provide your contact information and it should be engaging enough to make a solid first impression. You can post a series of different introductory videos on different topics if you’d like.

Video Customization

In response to specific leads, you can record virtual presentations and walkarounds customized for the needs of individual customers as if those customers were there in-person, or you could even do a live webcast of your presentation with the ability to respond to your customer’s comments and questions in real-time online over an audio connection. You can use a Bluetooth headset to be on the phone hands-free during your presentation. Additionally, you can communicate in real-time with customers online using text-based instant messaging or texting, or you can do video chats if you and your customer prefer it. It’s also possible to set up in-person meetings with customers who live nearby by communicating over the internet as well as video chats or phone conversations with customers who either live further away or are too busy to meet in-person.

Other Ways to Use the Internet

Most of your competition is either not using the internet to its full potential or using it badly when they do bother to, so selling over the internet gives you a comparative advantage. You also want to catch up with the segment of your competition that’s already using the internet for selling, and it’s also easier than ever to keep an eye on which selling strategies and tactics your competition is using: just check out their website. Another great thing about the internet is that it also makes it easier to network with automotive salespeople from around the country and even around the world. You’re not competing with most of these people, so you can talk shop and trade tips and tricks to your heart’s desire. On the internet you can be anonymous when you want to be fully candid and not anonymous when you want to get your name out there and build your brand.

Marketing Yourself on the Internet

One way to market yourself that works well on the internet is to encourage happy customers to provide you with testimonials that you can post on your website and positive reviews that they post on review sites. Happy customers can also use their own social networks to refer more potential customers in your direction, and it’s easy to stay in touch with existing customers who may become repeat buyers. Another way to market yourself is to provide potential and existing customers with high-quality, engaging information using a blog and social media. Use the internet to make a name for yourself and you’ll have customers coming to you from far afield.

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